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The original, oversized tanning jumpsuit from Koko. 

Want to know how to keep tan off the bed, or what to wear when getting a competition tan? Look no further than our unique tanning onesies. 

They are perfect to wear to registration and in between tan appointments, or to protect the bed sheets from getting ruined. No zips, so no smudges. Easy access and more flattering than your boyfriend's hoodies.

We have checked with local tanners, who approve of the style and design of our tanning onesies. Don't get caught out with stuffy, bin bag style overalls that smudge your tan. 


  • drawstring waist
  • light, loose and comfortable
  • breathable
  • button up back
  • no zips
  • tan friendly
  • sleep friendly

*coming soon* pee flap and male onesies. No more flashing your bits whilst going to the bathroom, our easy access suits with pee flap will be coming soon.

Coaches and tanning companies, want to collaborate? Send us an email and we can offer you discounted rates for custom apparel

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