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Have you purchased:

-A ready to wear item that doesn't quite fit right, but you LOVE

- A costume elsewhere, that doesn't quite fit you

- Stage wear from us previously but you have changed size Or

- Our basic package and have run out of alterations?

Don't stress! We got you.  

Book in your alterations here, and simply select the time and date that suits you best.


- taking pants in or out, or

- changing length to pants, or

- altering back straps longer/shorter, or

- altering neck straps longer / shorter, or

- increasing the "scrunch" bum for more shape


Price is per alteration. Please purchase more for multiple alterations.


Alterations are subject to:

- our availability 

- the garment itself and the ability to alter it

- our available supplies

When booking, please make sure you enter as much detail as possible about the alterations you want doing.

We will review your proposed booking time and confirm with you if that time is suitable.

NOTE once the costume has been altered, it may or may not ever go back to it's pre altered state.

Alterations might void and warranty you have with the supplier of the garment

Not all patterns can be altered without causing another type of defect or problem- as they have initially been drawn, cut and sewn a particular way for a particular purpose.

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