Your Big Day
As cliche as it sounds, you are the most important thing to us. We are as invested as you are to the preparation for your big day. We want you to feel involved and supported during the design process.

The Environment
Where we can, (and especially for theme wear) we will upcycle fabrics and materials and re-use packaging. Our mailers are re-useable and compostable and we even re-invent clients' existing swimwear into new creations which is both budget and environmentally friendly. Of course, we stock the original reuseable post comp tanning onesies

 Aussie Made
Koko make sure as many of our materials as possible are sourced on Australian soil but where they are not, we try to support female led brands and those that align with our identity.

KoKo is the small brand aiming to make a big impact, owned by fellow competitor, Kelly, a self-proclaimed 'eco warrior', with a dream to make competing as eco-friendly as possible.

The brand started in 2018 when Kelly made her own ring leader theme wear costume for her first comp, and it won! So many people had complimented her costume and so she thought why not start a little hobby making costumes for competitions?!

By day, Kelly is a Lawyer, by night (and on lunch breaks and weekends), she runs this business with the help of her creative team and supportive partner. Somewhere in between, Kelly is a competitor herself. . .

Kelly understands the highs and lows of prep. A lot of our products are designed around personal pain points that she experienced when competing. We are always designing and introducing new products, so if there is something we are missing, let us know!

When you buy theme wear from Koko Australia, we donate a % from each sale to Kiva Organization  to help other female led small businesses around the world get a head start. This % is offered as a loan, but we re donate the loan to new businesses when this is repaid. 

Inspired by Hugh van Cuylenburg's book the Resilience Project and Stanzin, we have teamed up with Green Sole and for every pair of heels we embellish for you, we donate a pair to an underprivileged child in India.

From each sale of our 11 11 angel number necklaces, we donate $5 to Make a Wish charity.

Lastly, we have kindly been donated beads, crystals and other bits and bobs from friends, including one friend who sadly lost her grandmother to cancer.  So we give a % of the profit from the sale of swimwear that utlise these donations to charities such as Cancer Council.
Meet The Team
Meet Kelly, behind the scenes she is supported by an amazing partner, team mates, friends and contractors. 
Founder and Creator
Logistics and Founder Tamer
Designer and Creator

Special thanks to Lisa, Nat, Jaew, Zyvette and Aileen and hopefully others that can help turn this passion project into a bigger deal. One day, we want to have a team of retirees with mad skillz to give them a new purpose and ensure their amazing talents live on.