Tips for post comp

Ladies, many of you are reversing out of your Season B shows after months, or for some of you, years, of prep. 

It will be so tempting to "let go", binge and go crazy after so long of restriction, but this just promotes unhealthy relationships with food.  

We wanted to share some tips and tricks to help you keep on track:

  • Make a plan, and prep your meals still.  Keeping a routine and having food ready to go in the fridge will prevent you from making bad decisions
  • Be kind to yourself. There is SO much temptation around us. Every single supermarket is lined with chocolate bars and junk food on special, at eye level, enticing you to buy it. You will, then you will eat it, then you will feel guilty. Don't. Allow yourself some freedom. BUT don't go crazy. The food will ALWAYS be there, there is no scarcity. 
  • Savour every bite. When you do eat out or have something enjoyable, savour it. Take in its texture, smell, colour and feeling in the mouth as well as the flavours. Just like you used to do with the peanut butter in prep when you were only allowed 1/2 a spoon...
  • Try not to eat in secret. Have your meals around people and you will be less inclined to make bad choices.
  • Remember, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. This is normal. This does not mean you are fat or anything else.  Yes, you are fatter, but this is healthy. Enjoy your body whilst you are in stage condition, but please don't think that is normal to look like that all year around. If it was sustainable, then it wouldn't be much of a competition would it....

Enjoy your off season darlings, we can't wait to be a part of your next show.