Tanning jumpsuit by Koko Australia

Tanning Jumpsuits about to get a makeover


Hi beauties,

We are shedding our stock with our current tanning onesies and making room for a new style.

Take advantage of our last few from the current stock, before we welcome our premium ones and new pricing.

Why pick the tanning onesie from Koko Australia?

Our Tanzie is perfect for ladies who want to keep their tan smudge free, in style, they  keep tan off the bed, and are perfect to wear when getting a competition tan.

Ideal for wearing to registration and in between tan appointments.. No zips, so no smudges. Easy access and more flattering than your partner's oversized hoodies.

We have checked with local tanners, who approve of the style and design of our tanning onesies. Don't get caught out with stuffy, bin bag style overalls that smudge your tan. Stay warm during prep and with low body fats in the long sleeve, full length jumpsuits.


  • elasticated waist
  • light, loose and comfortable
  • breathable
  • button up back
  • no zips
  • tan friendly
  • sleep friendly

Photo cred: Lisa Thomas - soon to be Webster <3