Eat that frog

Are you the type of person that procrastinates? Do you often find yourself putting off tasks that you know you should be doing? If so, youve probably heard of the sayingEat that frog.

The phraseeat that frog is a metaphor used to describe tackling the most difficult task of the day first. The idea behind it is that if you can manage to complete the hardest task, then everything else will seem easier by comparison.

The phrase originates from a quote by Mark Twain:If its your job to eat a frog, its best to do it first thing in the morning. And if its your job to eat two frogs, its best to eat the biggest one first. So, why should youeat that frog first thing in the morning? Well, for one, it helps you to avoid procrastination. By getting the most difficult task out of the way early on, you no longer have it looming over you and can move on to other tasks with more ease. Additionally, completing the most difficult task early on can help to boost your confidence. 

So if your hardest task for the day is going to be getting your weight training done, do it first thing. Once you have boxed that off, you will feel so accomplished and more likely to look forward to or enjoy the rest of the day. If it's your food prep, get it done. Cardio. Boom. Smash it out. Booking your bikini. Just. Do ittttt.


Love yas